Creating a Loft

In order to create a loft, you need to have at least two shapes already created as well as the spPrtFactory and spGSMFactory factories created.

1a) Create a solid loft object using spPrtFactory, then using that, create a CATIGSMLoft. This basically makes the GSMFactory encapsulate the PrtFactory, enabling the PrtFactory loft to be able to use the methods of the GSMFactory loft.

CATISpecObject_var spLoft = spPrtFactory->CreateLoft();
CATIGSMLoft_var loft = spLoft;

1b) Create a surface loft by using the spGSMFactory, which returns a spGSMLoft.

CATIGSMLoft_var loft = spGSMFactory->CreateLoft();

2) Now we need to add sections to our loft. Add your sections using the following procedure:


3) Now to cast the loft as a CATISpecObject_var and insert it into the part tree.

CATISpecObject_var spLoft2 = loft;

spCurObj = spLoft2;