Creating a Line CAA RADE

After creating the GSMFactory and PrtFactory (See Creating a Point in CAA RADE for more details on this) you can create a line by following these steps:

1) Create 2 points and cast them as CATISpecObjects as shown in the code below:

double Coords[3];
Coords[0] = 0;
Coords[1] = 0;
Coords[2] = 0;
CATIGSMPoint_var spPoint1 = spGSMFactory->CreatePoint(Coords); //Creates a point
CATISpecObject_var spSpecPoint1 = spPoint1;                    //Casts the point as a CATISpecObject
Coords[0] = 8;
Coords[1] = 6;
Coords[2] = 7;
CATIGSMPoint_var spPoint2 = spGSMFactory->CreatePoint(Coords);
CATISpecObject_var spSpecPoint2 = spPoint2;

2) Create a line using the points that you created previously and cast it as a CATISpecObject using the code below:

CATISpecObject_var  spSupport = NULL_var; 
CATIGSMLinePtPt_var spLine1 = spGSMFactory->CreateLine(spSpecPoint1, spSpecPoint2, spSupport);
CATISpecObject_var spSpecLine1 = spLine1;

3) Update the line, make it the current object and insert it into the procedural view using the code shown below:

CATIGSMProceduralView_var spCurObj = spLine1;